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Red Earth Custom Massage

During each session, our therapists meld a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques creating a wholeness..

Spa Packages

These 2 hour rituals are intended to provide the proper time and space to reconnect mind and body..

Rosemary and Mint Scalp Massage

This nurturing Add-In treatment simultaneously aids in headache relief and hair fortification..

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At Red Earth, we view massage and bodywork as an act of kuleana towards the islands and its people. We believe it is not only our responsibility, but also our privilege to provide a space and time for people to care for themselves. Each session is tailored to addressing the various and specific ailments of each client. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a nine to five office worker, a laborer or a lawyer, each one of us has our own unique stresses and areas of tension that accumulate over time, that when left unattended have a tendency to overflow into other facets of our well-being. We are committed to aiding in the reversal of such symptoms and the balancing of mind, body, and spirit.


At the root of our business ethics is a deep belief in community. We believe that in order to truly thrive as individuals, as well as a community, we must take a humble, but active role in nurturing the betterment of those around us. With our business rooted with this intent, we dedicate 5% of our profits to local nonprofit programs. This allows us to create a cycle between our business, our clients, and our community that we whole-heartedly believe in.


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