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These 2 hour rituals are intended to provide the proper time and space to reconnect mind and body. We whole heartedly believe that when we take a moment to care for ourselves, that we are better equipped to care for those around us. Mahalo for coming.

Sojourner’s Retreat | 2 hours | $165

Our Sojourner’s Retreat Package is the perfect session to unwind with. It’s comprised of a 20 minute foot massage with peppermint balm, followed with a 90 minute combination Deep Tissue/Thai Massage with arnica to unwind tired muscles, and ending with a 10 minute acupressure neck and head release.

The Buddha Within | 2 hours | $175

Our Buddha Within Package is designed to relax and recharge you. Start your session with an 80 minute custom Swedish/Deep Tissue with lavender essential oil. Hot stones will be used to help soothe tired legs. Continue with 30 minutes of our extremity remedy to care for your overworked hands and feet. End your massage, with 10 minutes dedicated to an aromatherapy headache relief.

The Heart of Love | 2 hours | $175

Our Heart of Love Package is a session to be pampered with. Begin with a 20 minute foot massage. Next, a 70 minute lomi lomi massage with a calming mix of aromatherapy will tend to the knots that accumulate in all of us. Your session will come to a close with 30 minutes devoted to a facial massage, along with an essential oil scalp massage.